St John’s Diocesan School for Girls is an independent, medium-sized Anglican school situated in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. From Grade RR to Grade 12, it offers a liberal education on the foundation of a strong Christian ethos. It provides a caring and value-based educational environment for boarders and day scholars.

St John’s D.S.G. is fondly and aptly described by its pupils as a “Small School with Big Heart”. The school exudes a sense of intimacy and warmth, providing a nurturing environment for girls where work, play and worship are encouraged to ensure all-round development.

The core values of St John’s D.S.G., as well as the girls’ responsibilities within the school community, are instilled from the Foundation Phase. It is a place where girls are nurtured and equipped with the right tools to achieve in their higher education and beyond.

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